Verizon XV6700 Sucks !!!

December 20, 2006 at 7:03 pm Leave a comment

Ok I bought this verizon wireless XV6700 few months ago.  I had 3 things I needed to do. 

1. Service Sucks: Able to make calls from my house.  I have poor signal in my area and the damn verizon doesn’t work here. ” Yes its always , Hello can you hear me for real”.  So When I get calls I keep running to different corners of my house or backyard to find signal.

2. Can’t Use the Internet I wanted to be able to access my remote servers at the DC while I am on the road. Well when I asked these guys at the cellular store they said I will be able to use it.  I asked them specifically if I can use from anywhere I want, and they said yes. Guess what, thats another thing I got sucked into.  Even though I have full signal strength, the damn modem can’t dial into the net often. Which is frustrating again, because the reason I bought this phone so i can access the net while on the move.

3. Tochscreen – Not so user friendly – Pocket PC Slow As A Dead Moose

First thing I hate about this is the combination of messed up touch screen and unfriendly user interface. For example to make a call unless you have your voice command enabled ( this sucks too, let me come back to it later here ), you are looking at pressing about 4 clicks before you can get to your keypad.  This also can get messy unless you use your stylas ;(.

Oh about the voice commands, forget it,  The phone has dialed wrong people when I try to call some else. So all in all i dont like it and if you are thinking about buying I would suggest, take it for a test drive for a day or two , then go to verizon and tell them that the phone sucks get your self a replacement.

 I am stucked with this for now, because I have already passed my 30 day.  I think I will add this to one of my failed gadgets box.


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