Saddam Hussein Executed

Wow what an era. While its un imaginable the things this guy did to his own people, towards the end
I kind of felt sorry for the guy. Once a ruthless dictator, then he became the frail little old man. Oh well karma has it ways
I think.

The sad thing is even his execution is not going to bring peace in the region. The Killing continues 😦 ….


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Little rumble before heading to bed

its 2.15 am I just wrapped up my work and heading to bed. I thought I will splash something here before I close.
day was pretty normal nothing un usual.

Still waiting on the software guys support desk to unlock my keys so I can start using the software. Someone asked me earlier why I wasn’t post their name, well i dont think I want to give them any sort of publicity LOL, bad bastards 🙂

I have to go to the bank in the morning , have some checkes that needs to be deposited. I was looking forward to go to this restraurnt on Newyears eve, but my date is backing out now, so I guess I might give away the ticket to someone who loves nice gourme food. Its a 5 course meal with open bar in the city on 31st night. I have two tickets.

Anyways thats about it I am off to bed. Have fun webbies,

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Software security – Sometime they are messed up

We all know piracy hurt all of us in one way or the other. And yes software developers and others have to go the extra mile to protect their $$. But sometime they totally forgot how this can screw up their user experience.

I paid a hefty $900 recently for a set of tools I needed. I got the usual CD’s activation keys and all the works. First I was little bumbed because I found out every time I loaded the software it would connect to their remote server to authenticate my license. Now this sends my AV settings crazy and I need it to fix that first.

Then today I went to the coffee shop I usually work from and loaded software, guess what, they locked me out because my software was trying to connect from a different IP, now how dum is that.

I am so ticked off. I wrote their sales team a nice email, lets see what they say when they come back. Yes protect your hard work, but don’t forget if your paying customer can’t use the damn thing whats the use.

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P Diddy’s new song “Tell Me” Sucks

common man you can do better than this, this song really sucks.
did you seriously listen to it and think it sounds good at all ? You are a great businessman, but this song is not your best work.

Plus christina …. how did she even agree to join you in this. Sorry guys go back to the drawing board, come up with something better.

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John Mayor Jessica Simpson

I was watching john mayors video on VH1 as I write this, and I am thinking this guy is so talented but what the F** is he doing with untalented jessica simpson. I try not to beleive everything I read or hear in the media. Hope John wakes up and realise this woman is with him
for nothing more than a press coverage ,

I think John Mayor should hook up with Kelly Clarkson, I Think they will make a great couple , she is more fun and talented.

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Thinking Adsense

I make good money with my affiliate programs, since I have some extra traffic I am thinking of service adsense ads on my sites.
I am still not sure if I want to do google adsense or YPN. So I think I am going to spend more time doing some deudeligence on this.

Xmas break has been great so far. got ton of gifts, my favourite, I am also taking a break till the first. So I can refresh my brain, its been a long year.

My goal for 2007 is atleast to break the 500k mark. I think with the new projects I have been working on I should be able to acheive my goals.

its 1.02 am and I am still not sleepy. I need to find a better way to get some sleep.

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Verizon XV6700 Sucks !!!

Ok I bought this verizon wireless XV6700 few months ago.  I had 3 things I needed to do. 

1. Service Sucks: Able to make calls from my house.  I have poor signal in my area and the damn verizon doesn’t work here. ” Yes its always , Hello can you hear me for real”.  So When I get calls I keep running to different corners of my house or backyard to find signal.

2. Can’t Use the Internet I wanted to be able to access my remote servers at the DC while I am on the road. Well when I asked these guys at the cellular store they said I will be able to use it.  I asked them specifically if I can use from anywhere I want, and they said yes. Guess what, thats another thing I got sucked into.  Even though I have full signal strength, the damn modem can’t dial into the net often. Which is frustrating again, because the reason I bought this phone so i can access the net while on the move.

3. Tochscreen – Not so user friendly – Pocket PC Slow As A Dead Moose

First thing I hate about this is the combination of messed up touch screen and unfriendly user interface. For example to make a call unless you have your voice command enabled ( this sucks too, let me come back to it later here ), you are looking at pressing about 4 clicks before you can get to your keypad.  This also can get messy unless you use your stylas ;(.

Oh about the voice commands, forget it,  The phone has dialed wrong people when I try to call some else. So all in all i dont like it and if you are thinking about buying I would suggest, take it for a test drive for a day or two , then go to verizon and tell them that the phone sucks get your self a replacement.

 I am stucked with this for now, because I have already passed my 30 day.  I think I will add this to one of my failed gadgets box.

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